Dry Aged Beef in a pan before searing

Meat agingin Lava vacuum bags

Make your own dry aged beef

Are you ready for something new? What about homemade dry aged beef from your own fridge? In restaurants, connoisseurs pay up to EUR 100 a kilo. With your vacuum device and our Lava dry aging bags, you can easily make this speciality at home.

Symbol for membrane foil that allows the meat to dry age

The dry aging bags are made of special membrane foil that is permeable to air on one side. Condensation can escape via the membrane and thus dry age the meat. From the outside, the membrane layer keeps it tight so that water and germs cannot penetrate.

Symbol for a grid

After vacuuming, the meat is stored on a rack in the refrigerator between +1 and +3 °C. Storage on a rack is particularly important to ensure air circulation. In the first 3-5 days, the membrane material of the dry aging bags bonds with the surface of the meat.

Symbol for the time the meat needs to mature

As the word "aging" suggests, preparing meat in this delicious way involves the factor "time". This very sensitive process shrinks the total weight of the meat by up to 20 %. Ingredients and aromas are concentrated, allowing a complex biochemical process to take place.

Symbol for dry aged beef

After at least 3 weeks (can also be stored up to 4 weeks if you like), and once the dry outer layer has been removed, the high quality meat underneath is revealed! The gourmet meat can now be prepared on a grill or in a pan with a delicious marinade. Anyone who has had the chance to taste this kind of meat knows that the long wait is worth it.

Vacuuming meat with a vacuum sealer in a maturing bag for dry aging
Vacuum bag is placed on a grid in the refrigerator so that the meat can mature
Vacuum-packed piece of meat is taken out of the refrigerator after a maturing time of about 3 to 4 weeks
Dry aged beef is cut into slices approx. 1 cm thick before searing
Dry Aged Beef lies in a pan before searing
Sear dry aged beef in a pan
Dry aged beef after frying in a pan
Dry aged beef is cut before consumption
Tender dry aged beef

What kind of meat is suitable?

As always, quality should be the priority when buying meat. The meat should be as fresh as possible (3-5 days after slaughtering) and not have been hung for too long in a wet aging process or in a cold room. The ideal weight, depending on the size of the bag, is 2 to 8 kilos.

Symbol for beef


Choose a piece of meat with good marbling and full fat coverage. Heifer meat, for example, is ideal.

Symbol for game


Cuts from the back or leg, which are later processed into steaks, are suitable here.

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Can't get enough homeaged meat? At Dry Ager®, also part of the Landig Group, you will find high quality meat aging cabinets and matching accessories from Germany.

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