Useful knowledge about vacuum sealing and sous-vide cooking

Discover delicious recipes, tips and tricks for vacuuming and vacuum cooking, as well as the latest test reports

Vacuum-packed meat in a Lava vacuum bag to extend its shelf life

What is the shelf life of vacuum-packed meat?

Maximum freshness: Explore the extended shelf life of vacuum-packed meat with the help of a vacuum sealer
Sous-vide cooked duck breast with potato-celery mash and green beans as a side

Sous-vide cooked duck breast with potato-celery mash and green beans

Stress-free precision cooking with sous-vide technology
Pickled beetroot salmon served on bread

Pickled beetroot salmon

Delicious home-pickled salmon refined with beetroot
Salmon with Lava spice blend for Gravlax

Gravlax – How do I prepare this delicacy properly?

Gravlax (also called pickled salmon) is a fine delicacy.

Which foods are suitable for vacuum packing?

Almost all types of food are suitable for vacuum packing – even liquid, powder or pressure-sensitive food can be vacuum packed.
ressure gauge display of the vacuum sealer V.300 Black

The advantages of a pressure regulator for vacuum sealers

Lava vacuum sealers work with gentle pressure regulation – so everything stays in the bag and in an appealing shape.
V.300 Black vacuum sealer with vacuum bag

The Lava V.300 Black test report – By hunters, for hunters

Vacuum sealing and hunting belong together. This is nothing new, but the question often arises, which vacuum sealer is the best for processing venison?
Tender piece of meat after marinating

Marinating made easy

Many fine meat dishes require a marinade, but this usually needs one thing above all else: Time.
Tender sous-vide cooked lamb ribs with asparagus

Sous-vide sticks – the handy home alternative

Wonderfully tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth.
Sous-vide cooked meat

Sous-vide cooking times – it's that simple

Sous-vide cooking is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because this low-temperature method can be used to achieve professional quality cooking results.
Homemade pastrami sliced thinly

Make your own pastrami - it's so easy!

Anyone who has ever been to New York will have come across their delicious pastrami sandwiches, thickly topped with ...
Brook trout cooked sous-vide, served with carrots, arranged on a plate

Cook fish to perfection

Fish cooked to perfection – a real treat. For many, however, cooking fish isn’t much fun. Often, delicious fish fillets are cooked too long and at too high a heat, making them dry and tough.
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