Graved salmon spice blend

Ready-made spice mixture for your own production of cured fish in a vacuum bag. Made in Southern Germany.



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Graved salmon spice blend

Curing salmon or other fish yourself is very easy! Try it out for yourself with the “Graved” spice mixture from Lava. The spice mix contains everything you need to turn fresh fillet into delicious cured fish in no time at all. The ingredients of the spice mix are table salt, cane sugar, dill, black pepper, coriander, mustard seeds and juniper. Made in Southern Germany.

Content: 200 g, sufficient for 2 kg of fish.

It's this easy:

1. Apply spice mix
Apply the spice generously to the boneless fish fillet and press the spice mixture down lightly. You need about 100 g of spice mixture for 1 kg of fish.

2. Vacuum sealing
Place the fillet in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal it. When filling the bag, make sure that the edge of the bag, which will be sealed later, remains clean.

3. Leave to infuse
Now place the vacuum-sealed fillet in the fridge for 48 hours (maximum 72 hours). Turn the fillet after 24 hours so that the spice mixture is distributed even better. The longer the fish is cured, the saltier and firmer it becomes.

4. Bon appétit!
Now take the fillet out of the bag and carefully wash off the excess spice mixture, pat dry – done. If you like, you can sprinkle the fish with fresh dill. To eat, the cured fish is sliced thinly with a sharp knife and served with a classic fresh baguette and honey-mustard sauce.

The graved salmon keeps refrigerated for about 7-10 days. To extend the shelf life, the cured fillet can also be frozen in portions on salmon boards.

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Michael G., Mar 6, 2024, 2:08:16 PM

Gute Fisch-Beize-Mischung

Mehr schöne Fisch-Beize wie graved: fehlt der starke Dill-Einsatz. Trotzdem sehr lecker !

Gabriel W., Feb 21, 2024, 2:15:04 PM


Super Geschmack!!! Geiles Produkt!

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