Sous-vide sealing pad roll

Ideal for sealing vacuum foils when measuring the core temperature during the cooking process. Supplied in a 4 metre roll.



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Sealing pad for vacuum bags as a roll

Seals the vacuum bag at the point where a core temperature measurement is carried out and thus effectively prevents the inflow of air or water. 1 roll has the dimensions: 1 cm x 4 m (W x L)

The great advantage compared to finished pads: It’s cheap! With 1.5 cm long pieces, the strip is sufficient for around 266 measurements

1. Cut a small piece off the roll
2. Stick it on the vacuum bag
3. Pierce the sealing pad with the core temperature probe
4. Pull out the needle on the sensor 

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Bärbel F., May 23, 2024, 8:48:10 AM

Gut aber zu schmal

Das Band tut was es soll, es könnte ein wenig breiter sein, deshalb nur 4 Sterne.

Andre Z., Apr 5, 2024, 1:31:14 PM

absolut notwendig zur Messung der Kerntemperatur

nichts zu meckern

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Frequently asked questions

Of course you can process Lava vacuum bags with any vacuum sealer - also with chamber devices.

Both types of bags are structured vacuum bags. This means that one side of the bag has a fine structure and the other side is smooth. Due to the very fine structure, liquid components on the goods (e.g. meat juice) are not sucked up so quickly in the direction of the bag. Both bag types can also be used without restriction for all foods and many industrial products. 

The RS-Vac vacuum bag is particularly suitable for sharp edged products, such as meat with pointed bones or industrial parts, thanks to the extra strong foil (160 µ thickness).

Lava vacuum foils are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland under the strictest guidelines. The structure embossed on one side of the foil enables any vacuum sealer (no matter which make) to vacuum seal quickly. In addition, thanks to the particularly fine structure, liquid components on the goods are not sucked up so quickly in the direction of the bag opening.

Lava vacuum foils are airtight, suitable for freezers and refrigerators, food-safe, tasteless and odourless, suitable for microwaves and cooking bags, dishwasher-safe and can therefore be used again at any time. By the way, Lava vacuum bags are also ideal for low-temperature cooking, also known as sous-vide cooking, suitable for temperatures up to +95 °C. For a short period in the sous-vide bath, approximately 1 - 2 hours, the R-Vac and RS-Vac vacuum bags, as well as the E-Vac and ES-Vac vacuum rolls, are suitable. For anything beyond that duration, we recommend using our specialized H-Vac vacuum cooking bags.

In addition, all Lava vacuum bags are of course 100 % free from BPA, microplastics and plasticisers.

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