Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

Double weld seam 34 cm | 500 watts | Pressure gauge display

Our bestseller: Fully automatic vacuum sealer with professional manometer display, pressure regulation and double weld seam.



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Free accessories worth up to €100*
1 x G-line vacuum container
50 x R-Vac vacuum bags 16 x 25 cm
50 x R-Vac vacuum bags 20 x 30 cm
50 x R-Vac vacuum bags 25 x 40 cm
2 x E-Vac vacuum rolls 30 cm x 6 m
100 x Labels for vacuum bags
1 x Permanent marker

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Art.-No.:  VL0300XP

Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

Our bestseller: Fully automatic vacuum sealer with professional manometer display, pressure regulation and double weld seam.

It is not without reason that the V.300 Premium X vacuum sealer is one of our most popular devices in the kitchen, and in hunting and fishing. Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump (35 l/minute), the device achieves a maximum vacuum of up to -0.94 bar. Even when vacuum sealing many bags in succession, you can work particularly quickly and, thanks to the automatic mode, particularly conveniently. While the device fully automatically vacuums and closes the bag with a double weld seam, you can already fill the next film bag. You can always keep an eye on the vacuum level on the pressure gauge display. The original L+ pressure regulator is already included so that you can also easily vacuum seal pressure-sensitive or moist products.

With the right accessories, you can even vacuum seal containers, bowls, cans, pots, bottles and jars.

Recommended for:
Kitchen Pro

Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

  • Vacuum seal and weld food, industrial parts and other items professionally.
  • Fully automatic or manual: Use the toggle switch to choose which mode you want to work in = maximum ease of use.
  • Stay flexible: You can not only vacuum seal bags, but also Lava vacuum containers (perfect for liquids) or use the Lava universal lid to even vacuum seal pots, bowls or cans. The required suction device is already included: With the help of the Lava vacuum bell you can also vacuum seal preserving jars and twist-off jars in no time at all.
  • Welding time continuously adjustable: Perfect for sealing films of different thicknesses, whether it’s a thin bag of crisps or a sturdy 200 micron industrial-strength bag.
  • Exact pressure gauge display of the vacuum level - for perfect vacuum control and as a convenient pressure regulator for sensitive products.
  • Seal and vacuum film bags or film rolls. Can also be used purely as a sealer with just a “welding function”.
  • Vacuum sealing for moist and sensitive products: Thanks to the standard pressure regulator, you can also use the V.300® Premium X to vacuum seal pressure-sensitive or moist products. The removable liquid separator protects the pump from small amounts of liquid being sucked in. In addition, the V.300® Premium X has a removable tray in the intake area, which protects the device twice over from liquids being sucked in.
  • Vacuum sealing of smooth, standard sealed edge vacuum films possible from a thickness of 120 µ. Note: It is a bit more complex and takes longer than with structured films.
  • Up to 1000 weld seams in succession: All Lava vacuum sealers are designed for continuous use. The oversized welding transformers optimally protect the device against overheating.
  • LTP - Lava Turbo Pump with lifetime guarantee*: Even larger pump motor and stainless steel cylinder cover for consistently high performance, even after many years. The benefits: Time savings, faster work & longer durability by means of sealing up to -0.94 bar. Ideal for larger vacuum bags or when carrying out many processes in a row. As standard: 2-ball bearing piston pump (approx. 35 litre/min. pump performance).
  • LCS - Lava Close System: Simplified workflow due to faster vacuum generation. No annoying closing of locking clips or hooks, as with other devices. This eliminates the long pressing of the device flap that is often necessary. The device works independently and the negative pressure is generated faster, so the next bag can be filled at the same time.
  • Maintenance-free: With all Lava vacuum sealers, wear parts such as seals or weld strips can be changed quickly and easily. It is therefore not necessary to send the vacuum sealer away.

Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

The Lava V.300 Premium X is supplied in a set consisting of:

  • Vacuum sealer V.300 Premium X
  • Free starter set worth up to 70 Euro
  • Also includes: Suction device for containers
  • Also includes: Pressure regulator L+ for a gentle vacuum
  • Starter set of different vacuum bag sizes
  • Detailed operating instructions with guarantee certificate

Guarantee period: 2 years - extendable to 5 years (can be added in the shopping cart)

Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

Article number: VL0300XP
Colour: Grey/black
Dimensions: 410 x 230 x 98 mm
Fluid extraction facility: In series
Housing: Strong ABS plastic
LCS® (Lava Close System): Enables fast vacuuming as the device flap does not need to be held continuously
LTP® (Lava Turbo Pumpsystem): Utilization of high quality piston pumps, which are exceptionally smooth, powerful and equipped with double ball bearings
Number of pumps: 1
Packing and sealing operation: Up to 1000 in series without overheating
Peak power: 500 watts
Power of pump (approx.): 35 ltr./min
Pressure control L+: In series
Pressure gauge: Pressure gauge display
Recommended for: Kitchen Pro, Hunter, Fisher, Industry
Vacuuming and sealing process: Automatic & manual
Voltage: 220 - 240 volts
Weight: 4,40 kg
Weld seam: Double
Sealing band length: 340 mm
Max. vacuum: -0,94 bar
Lava Functions: LTP® and LCS®

Vacuum machine V.300® Premium X

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Andreas F., Nov 27, 2023, 8:00:57 AM

Funktioniert wie erwartet einwandfrei

Der erste Eindruck ist sehr gut. Die Funktion ist einwandfrei. Allerdings kann man das Preis Leistungsverhältnis erst in einigen Jahren bewerten, da bei dem aufgerufen Preis schon sehr viele Vakuumiervorgänge durchgefüht werden müssen um ein gutes Preis- / Leistungsverhältnis bestätigen zu können.

Dietmar H., Nov 7, 2023, 12:01:12 PM


Das beste Gerät das ich bisher hatte!!!!

Halina P., Nov 6, 2023, 10:03:58 AM

Nach zwei Benutzungen ist meine Bewertung sehr gut.

Es ist zu früh um eine qualifizierte Beurteilung abzugeben. Jedoch mit meinen zwei Versuchen bin ich sehr zufrieden.

Daniel R., Nov 2, 2023, 2:32:26 PM

Everything's great!

I am very satisfied with this device. It fits my needs very well. Well done!

Leonard J., Nov 2, 2023, 11:57:00 AM

Toller Vakuumierer!

Alles super! Schnelle Lieferung, einfache Bedienung und ein tolles Vakuumerlebnis! Kein Vergleich zu meinem billigen Caso Gerät, was mittlerweile im Müll gelandet ist. Passend zum Gerät verwende ich noch die Lava Folien, diese sind auch sehr hochwertig. Alles in allem bin ich äußerst zufrieden und empfehle das Vakuumgerät gerne jedem weiter!

Gerhard G., Sep 29, 2023, 11:12:51 AM

Ich werde es weiter empfehlen.

Einwandfreies Gerät, sehr einfach zu bedienen.

Horst F., Sep 28, 2023, 7:30:21 AM

Alles ok, bin sehr zufrieden

Bin sehr zufrieden

Christian Z., Aug 1, 2023, 7:06:08 AM

Gebe ich sicher nie mehr her!

Lange habe ich mir überlegt, welchen Vakuumierer ich kaufen soll. Die Entscheidung Qualität zu kaufen war die Richtige. Das Gerät ist nicht nur leiser, als alles, was ich zuvor hatte, sondern auch zuverlässiger. Ich kann hintereinander mehrere größere Folien vakuumieren, ohne dass es heiß wird. Habe alles bei Lava in der Fabrik abgeholt, war beeindruckend.

Anna Z., Jul 6, 2023, 8:31:57 AM

5 Sterne

Der Vakuumierer funktioniert ausgezeichnet und lässt mich nicht im Stich. Einfach ein top Produkt, deshalb vergebe ich gerne 5 Sterne. Macht weiter so!

V.300 Premium X vacuum sealer with pressure gauge display


The handling of the fully automatic V.300® Premium X vacuum sealer is particularly easy thanks to the clearly laid out control elements. You can use the pressure gauge display to keep an eye on the current vacuum level and carry out the welding process automatically or manually at the push of a button. Especially with pressure-sensitive products, it is advisable not to work with full vacuum and to take a look at our expert tips.


Two is better than one. Especially with products with a high liquid content, such as meat and fish or marinating in a vacuum bag, it is possible that a single weld seam is not enough. The Lava double weld (2x approx. 4 mm) ensures 100% greater sealing security compared to devices with a single seam and effectively prevents air leaks.

Vacuum bag with double seam
Selector switch for vacuuming bags or containers


The V.300® Premium X is a real allrounder. Thanks to the continuously adjustable sealing time, you can vacuum seal film bags and film rolls up to 200 µ (industrial thickness) and up to a width of 34 cm and a length up to 6 metres. You can switch the device to container mode at any time with a simple push of a button. In addition to the Lava vacuum containers made of glass, plastic and stainless steel, you can also vacuum seal preserving jars, cans and pots.


The numerous areas of application of a vacuum sealer result in many advantages for you. Thanks to the vacuum packaging, the shelf life of your food is of course extended. Meat becomes particularly aromatic and tender through dry aging under vacuum and gains even more flavour through wet aging. With the sous-vide method you always create unique taste experiences like in award-winning kitchens.

V.300 Premium X vacuum sealer during the vacuuming of a stainless steel container with suction device
V.300 Premium X vacuum sealer with closed device flap


Decreasing pump performance, faltering technology? – not with Lava. Our vacuum sealers are particularly robust and durable. In the event of a defect, individual components can be exchanged at any time for at least 20 years after the purchase of the device. You can even easily change wear parts yourself.


"I have two vacuum sealers from Lava that have been with me for many years and are actually indispensable when it comes to processing and preserving game meat on my own."

Customer at Lava

Friendly image of Lava customer Michael

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Frequently asked questions

The special edition devices V.300 Black and V.300 White are our most powerful devices in this size class with a power input of 600 watts. In addition to all the advantages of the V.300 Premium X, our Black and White line also impresses with:

  • 0.96 bar maximum vacuum: An even stronger vacuum for even faster work, and therefore even greater durability of your vacuumed products
  • Stainless steel cylinder cover in the pump piston: For consistently high pump performance
  • 2-stage filter system in the liquid separator: Protects the device against damage from fine particles (e.g. spices) or liquids.

Tip: You can use our device comparison to compare all of our vacuum sealers.

Of course you can also use your Lava vacuum sealer to vacuum seal products with an increased liquid content or even liquids. Moist products such as meat or fish can be easily vacuum sealed in the vacuum bag. Make sure that: 

  • The bag is only 2/3 full and the food is as cold as possible. Pre-freeze food if needed.
  • When filling the vacuum bag, make sure that the bag opening, which will be sealed later, remains clean and dry. To do this, fold the top of the bag over when filling.
  • So that the liquid is not sucked into the device during vacuum sealing, we recommend vacuuming with gentle negative pressure. All devices from the V.300 Premium upwards are therefore already equipped with the L+ pressure regulator. All smaller devices can be easily retrofitted with an L+ pressure regulator .
  • Use our Liquid stop to protect your device against small amounts of liquid being sucked in.
  • You can also let the bag hang over the edge of the table when vacuum sealing to prevent the liquid from being sucked in.

For large amounts of liquid, we recommend our Lava vacuum container. These can easily be vacuum sealed using any Lava vacuum sealer or the manual pump.

The easiest way to work is with structured vacuum bags or vacuum rolls. However, you can also vacuum seal smooth vacuum bags with your Lava vacuum sealer. This requires a simple folding technique, which we will explain to you here.

¹ For longlasting performance, Lava offers a 25-year warranty on the vacuum pump of a vacuum sealer.


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