Sous-vide-set BEEF! Edition

Limited 4-piece set in the sophisticated BEEF! look with everything you need for professional sous-vide cooking. You can experience the fascination of vacuum cooking too.



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Sous-vide set BEEF! Edition

Exclusive set in cooperation with the well-known magazine BEEF!

Get this attractive4-piece set today, consisting of:

Also optionally available as a 5-piece set with the book “Easy sous-vide”.

With the compact black BEEF! sous-vide stick LX.20 you conjure up perfect cooking results - your guests will be impressed. 

Attach the sous-vide stick to any heat-resistant container thanks to the flexible retaining clip. The temperature and cooking time can be easily set via the intuitive display. 

Thanks to its incredibly powerful output of 1200 watts, the stick heats the water particularly quickly and monitors the water temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 °C. An integrated circulation pump ensures a constant water temperature and ensures even results. In addition to the sous-vide stick, the exclusive BEEF! sous-vide-set contains everything you need to venture into sous-vide cooking.

The transparent 12 litre basin made of plastic offers enough space to cook for several guests. Thanks to the tailor-made recess for the sous-vide stick in the lid, the heat stays in the basin much better and no water evaporates, even during longer cooking times.

To save even more energy, the set also includes a high-quality neoprene insulation cover, which additionally protects the container against heat loss. The practical bag holder made of stainless steel can be easily attached to the edge of the basin. Up to five cooking bags can be fixed in the holder. In this way, you can still achieve perfect cooking results when preparing several bags at the same time.

Basin dimensions: 320 x 260 x 200 mm (L x W x H)
Colour: Black
Display: LCD Touch Display
Filling volume basin: 12 liters
Peak power: 1200 watts
Stick dimensions: 310 x 550 mm (H x W)
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0,1 °C
Temperature range: 0 °C to +90 °C
Timer function: Up to 99 h 59 min
Water protection: IPX7
Water volume: Suitable for 5 to 20 liters

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Benno D., Jul 6, 2023, 11:35:23 AM

Alles prima

Liefert sehr gute Ergebnisse. Ist leicht zu bedienen und zu reinigen. Rinderfilet sous-vide ist ein Genuss, sollte jeder mal probiert haben.

Two structured transparent vacuum bags vacuum-sealed with food for vacuum cooking

No, vacuumed!

The term sous-vide comes from the French and means “under vacuum”. In the process, food is first packed airtight in a vacuum bag and then cooked at a constant temperature in a water bath. This allows you to prepare your dish hours before your guests arrive, saving you a lot of stress.


Thanks to the integrated circulation pump, our sous-vide stick LX.20 guarantees a constant water temperature in the entire basin or pot, so your food is cooked completely evenly and incorrect cooking levels are a thing of the past.

Sous-vide stick in the water basin with filled vacuum bags
Close-up of the sous-vide stick with water droplets

For the leap
into cold water

As the LX.20 is completely waterproof. You can also use the stick to defrost frozen food gently. All you have to do is place the stick with the food to be defrosted in a basin of water and set the temperature to no higher than 25 °C. Wait - and it’s done!


Thanks to a well thought-out control element, nothing stands in the way of intuitive and particularly easy handling and thanks to the integrated timer function, you will never miss the right moment again.

Sous-vide stick in the water-filled sous-vide basin
Sous-vide stick in a regular cooking pot with white insulation balls

The right lid
for every pot

Don’t have a sous-vide basin at hand? No problem! Our practical insulation balls serve as a lid and prevent heat from escaping or water from evaporating during sous-vide cooking, thereby saving you even more energy.

Upgrade your experience

Insulation balls in the storage net
Sous-vide insulation balls

They act as a lid and prevent heat from escaping during cooking


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Frequently asked questions

Of course you can process Lava vacuum bags with any vacuum sealer - also with chamber devices.

Both types of bags are structured vacuum bags. This means that one side of the bag has a fine structure and the other side is smooth. Due to the very fine structure, liquid components on the goods (e.g. meat juice) are not sucked up so quickly in the direction of the bag. Both bag types can also be used without restriction for all foods and many industrial products. 

The RS-Vac vacuum bag is particularly suitable for sharp edged products, such as meat with pointed bones or industrial parts, thanks to the extra strong foil (160 µ thickness).

Lava vacuum foils are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland under the strictest guidelines. The structure embossed on one side of the foil enables any vacuum sealer (no matter which make) to vacuum seal quickly. In addition, thanks to the particularly fine structure, liquid components on the goods are not sucked up so quickly in the direction of the bag opening.

Lava vacuum foils are airtight, suitable for freezers and refrigerators, food-safe, tasteless and odourless, suitable for microwaves and cooking bags, dishwasher-safe and can therefore be used again at any time. By the way, Lava vacuum bags are also ideal for low-temperature cooking, also known as sous-vide cooking, suitable for temperatures up to +95 °C. For a short period in the sous-vide bath, approximately 1 - 2 hours, the R-Vac and RS-Vac vacuum bags, as well as the E-Vac and ES-Vac vacuum rolls, are suitable. For anything beyond that duration, we recommend using our specialized H-Vac vacuum cooking bags.

In addition, all Lava vacuum bags are of course 100 % free from BPA, microplastics and plasticisers.

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